Commitment toAchievethe GreenMining

KASUARI's Competitiveness

Strong support from holding company (INTA) as an affiliated company.

Has a parts consignment program from INTA, which is an added value of its after sales services.

Experienced in all condition mining such as soft or muddy mine condition.

Able to access the immediate benefit related to INTA Group such as equipment financing from INTA affiliated company (IBF Finance).

Complies the best mining practices from Engineering to Reclamation processes

Mining Engineering

Tailored mine design to integrate technical mining aspect with geological environment. Disciplined mine planning to initiate effective mining operation.


Mining Infrastructure

Provide the civil & infrastructur construction for access roads, hauling road, warehouse, workshop, office, marine structures, tailing dams, stock pile and camp facility.


Mining Production

Best people operate proper equipments with the integrity management system from top soil handling, overburden removal to extraction and hauling.



Attention given to environmental factor in all activities involving the exploitation of natural resources. With our reclamation process, also have a purpose in order to recover its ecosystem and habitat for all vegetation and animal on it as a natural resources we had.